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About Iqrra learning institute

We are a voluntary Charity organisation established in 2009 to serve the community. Iqrra learning Institute runs projects that provide supplementary education for children and young adults of both genders. Supplementary lessons, that consists of language development (including Modern Foreign Languages), communication skills, and cultural studies to support children's development during their weekends and holidays.

Iqrra learning institute also helps and promotes the children to explore and learn of their heritage through the education it delivers. Our purpose is also to make the young adults aware of anti-social behaviour, drugs, gang and knife crime, plus any other means that will affect the community by creating cohesion and understanding amongst children in the controlled classrooms. The organisation also aims to provide social Coexistence between all faiths


To help young people, especially but exclusively through education and confidence – building and leisure time activities si as to develop their capabilities that may grow to full maturity as individuals and member of society.

The advancement of education, in particular but not exclusively for children, by providing extra-curricular learning and education support activities:

  • Increasing public learning and knowledge about a particular subject
  • Training the mind, for instance developing memory/spatial ability
  • Giving information in a way that increases the knowledge and abilities of those being educated
  • Physical education and development of young people
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Our team

  • Zakaria Hamood
  • Mohammed Fozy Hassan
  • Nasser Fuzy
  • Abd Alhakam