Our services

 عن  Iqrra learning institute

Projects for young people:

Foreign languages:

Arabic classes at the weekend for children and young people

Numeracy literacy

Introducing weekend numeracy and literacy classes for the youths of the community to develop their attainment in mainstream schools and to raise achievements.

Art and culture:

Encouraging to express insight and self by art. Spotting and developing talent.


Educating and going back to history and it importance on how it has shaped our modern life.

Information technology:

Providing IT equipment’s and support allowing the disadvantage in society to obtain a sustainable income through employment.

Health and wellbeing:

Promoting healthy living and to tackle obesity in our area by means of sport activities and diet advise.

Community cohesion:

Working side by side with police and the fire services to educate the community on staying safe. Encouraging parents and the elderly of the community to participate in literacy, numeracy and I.T.